Hello (Again) World


After a lengthy hiatus, I have decided to bring my blog back to life.

In its original form, I crafted a custom blogging engine from scratch using F#. It was a thrilling side project and deliberately overengineered solution. However as life and professional commitments took precedence, the project lost its place in my list of priorities. What ultimately sealed the fate of my initial site was the excessive hosting costs. I kept the domain name, as I was attached to it already, and seems I was right to expect I will come back to write here once again.

Now, I've chosen to build a static site with Eleventy. Diving back into front-end/full-stack development after years spent focusing on data platforms has been both nostalgic and entertaining. But I have to admit - first and foremost frustrating. Surprisingly little has changed - frameworks evolved, some new took the web dev community by storm. But javascript is still a horrible language, project setup and framework choice are experiences that probably costed me few milimetrs of my remaining hairline. And don't get me started about styling and browsers.

I will see how far I can get with my rusty FE skills, maybe with a bit of AI help. Otherwise this time I will need to admit defeat and outsource the non-content improvements and maintenance.

With that said, please bear with me as there are still several issues in the new version, particularly in the CSS department.

If you're interested in subscribing to updates, I'm experimenting with a more personal approach than traditional mailing list managers. Drop me an email, and I'll periodically share new posts and other updates with you.

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